microneedling + skincare



Microneedling creates micro trauma in the skin which in turn promotes new collagen + elastin formation. Sounds scary right? Don’t panic just yet. You are in skilled hands and we slather you with pain-relieving lidocaine cream before we start to numb your skin.

This safe + highly effective procedure stimulates collagen and smooths fine-lines and wrinkles. It is also one of the most effective methods for reducing facial scarring. We see incredible results with our microneedling clients! We recommend 3-6 treatments in four week intervals.


Proper skincare is essential for optimal results. We use SkinCeuticals medical-grade products during treatments. We also send you home with post procedure aftercare products to maximize your recovery + results. Stay hydrated and protected with daily use ofthese products that correct damage + prevent premature signs of aging. Yay for great skincare!