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Sculptra in Ogden Utah

Revive your youthful appearance with Sculptra!

As we age, we experience collagen loss which results in wrinkles, folds, loss of volume, and lack of fullness. By 45 years old, we can experience up to 25% collagen loss.

Sculptra is the only FDA-approved injectable that works with your body to simulate collagen growth using poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). PLLA micro particles are injected deep into the dermis of your skin. Underneath the surface, your skin begins to absorb the particles and begins to regrow collagen strands resulting in more youthful looking skin.

The collagen building process is gradual, taking several weeks. You will look more youthful by the day! People will notice how great you look, but will not be able to pinpoint what you have had done. One of the best parts - Sculptra results can last up to 2 years!

Want to know what Sculptra can do for you? 

Beauty Portrait

Ready to see what Sculptra can do for you?

Confident Woman

What Areas Can be Treated with Sculptra? 

Sculptra is an alternative to dermal fillers! It can be injected to help:

  • Facial volume loss

  • Deep facial folds

  • Wrinkles

  • Cellulite correction

  • Knee, elbow, and arm skin laxity

  • Sculptra butt lift

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