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Eyebrow Gallery

Brow Wax + Tint + Lamination in Ogden, Utah

Never Underestimate the Power of Great Eyebrows

This service involves shaping your eyebrows and removing stray hairs with a strip of soft wax. The soft wax removes hair from the roots resulting in longer lasting, perfectly shaped brows. Our master aestheticians work with you to shape your brows to compliment your eyes and face.


Tinting adds a custom blend of color to the brows creating definition, style and glamour to your look. For an extra bold look, we offer lamination. This process requires brushing your hairs up creating a fuller look and perming them in place! 


Using these techniques, we create custom brow shapes and tints to highlight you style, to create a more unified look, or to create a full look for those with less color to their natural brows.


Ready to Get Perfectly Shaped Brows?

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