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Skin Tag + Cherry Angioma Removal in Ogden, Utah

Our Perfect Touch uses high frequency ultrasonic technology to treat superficial skin irregularities such as skin tags and milia delivering instantaneous results. A high frequency electrical current delivers precise electrical sparks through micro electric probe to dehydrate a skin growth. The treated area will heal and new skin will take its place. The treatment is quick, non-invasive, leaves no scarring, produces no blood and creates immediate results!

Cherry Angiomas are removed using our Clarity Laser the same way Spider veins are treated. The heat from the laser heats the walls of the collection of blood vessels and causes the blood to coagulate which collapses, closes, and fades the collection of vessels from view.   

SkinSculpt Medical Spa + BodyShaping: Skin Tag, Milia, Cherry Angioma Removal in Ogden, Utah


SkinSculpt Medical Spa + BodyShaping: Skin Tag Removal in Ogden, Utah


Skin tags are benign, non-cancerous, tumors on the skin, often recognizable as small pieces of soft, hanging skin. These generally appear in areas where skin rubs against skin or clothes.

SkinSculpt Medical Spa + BodyShaping: Milia, White Bump Removal in Ogden, Utah


Milia are small, white keratin bumps that appear under the skins surface. These often appear on the face, around the eyelids and on the cheeks.

SkinSculpt Medical Spa + BodyShaping: Cherry Angioma, Red Bump Removal in Ogden, Utah


Cherry Angioma are benign tumors that are easily recognizable as a red, blue, or purple mole like growth made up of capillaries and small blood vessels. These can occur all over the body.

Ready to Remove a Skin Tag, Milia, or Cherry Angioma?

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