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Does Botox and Dypsort freeze your face?


Botox and Dysport will not freeze your face. Both neurotoxins simply relax the muscle. The more neurotoxin you put in each area, the more relaxed the muscle will be. At SkinSculpt, we specialize in reducing wrinkles while maintaining natural movement. 

How long does it take for Botox and Dysport to start working? 


While every client may differ, Botox and Dysport usually takes 3-14 days to see results. After 14 days, clients can come back to touch up any area(s) they would like. 

How long does Botox and Dysport last? 


Botox and Dysport results will last from 3-6 months from the date of injection. We recommend clients undergo periodic treatments every 3-4 months to maintain optimal results.

Is getting Botox and Dysport painful?


The Botox and Dysport procedure should not be painful. Some clients may experience some discomfort during the injection which will not persist once the procedure is complete.


Botox & Dysport
Frequently Asked Questions

Botox & Dysport in Ogden, Utah

Experience Botox or Dysport in Ogden, Utah by an expert nurse injector backed by Dr. Julie Maughan, Dermatologist and skincare expert. Botox and Dysport are fast and effective ways to take years off your face without having to go under the knife.

Botox and Dysport, when injected, temporarily relax muscles. This is perfect for treating moderate-to-severe facial lines and wrinkles that form on the forehead, between the eyes, crows feet, chin dimples, bunny lines, and more. On top of treating wrinkles, it also can temporarily stop excessive sweating, migraines, and jaw pain caused by clenching.

Botox is the most popular physician-performed nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the United States for good reason!

Look Refreshed, Not Frozen!

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Platinum+ Members always get Botox at $9/Unit!

More Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based

We have 2 locations: Vauxhall is based inside Base Dance Studios on Tinworth street. its a 4 min walk from Vauxhall station heading back along the thames towards Waterloo. GOOGLE MAP Charing Cross is based inside The Gym Group on Northumberland Avenue its a 4 min walk from Charing Cross station heading back up towards Trafalgar SQ . GOOGLE MAPS

How much are classes

We have 2 options that are availble on the RideHIIT APP or Here on the RideHIIT website 1 workout is £10 Unlimited is £35 - This rolles monthly from the day you join. You can cancel anytime via the RideHIIT APP or by logiging into the RideHIIT website

Where are the Ride (spin ) classes

The Ride Workouts are based in Charing Cross, This Location has not yet returned from the lockdowns due to the limited space and trying to keep social distancing in place. We cannot wait to Ride soon and will update via all channels when good to go.

Can I try a workout for free?

Our spaces fill very quickly and would not be fair to our members if we took a spot from them. You are welcome to purchase the 1 HIIT workout from here. If you have any questions or worrys please ask via the live chat. Occasionaly we run Open days to invite new people to try Totaly free. This is advertised via email so make sure you have created your free RideHIIT account even if your not joining classes just yet. CREATE ACCOUNT


These are the measure to keep us all safe when at BASE DANCE STUDIO VAUXHALL. -Infrared thermometer will be used on everyone before entry to the building is granted -Masks must be warn when walking into the building and into the studio, they can be removed when inside the studio for the workout. - Changing rooms will not be in use but toilets will still be available -There will be no seating available in the cafe – we ask that you do not arrive more than 15 minutes early as only a certain number of people will be allowed in the building at any one time - Your pre cleaned kit will be placed out for you and positioned 1m + from others. -Hand sanitiser will be placed in all studios -After the class please spray and wipe the kit , leave on the floor and exit through the fire exit. - A one-way system will be used and classes will be asked to enter and exit the building in a controlled manner. There will be clear markings used in the forecourt to queue for each studio, and the BASE Team will be on hand to make sure everyone knows where to wait.

Botox Injections
Ready to Treat & Prevent Your Wrinkles?
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Forehead Lines

(12-30 units)

Horizontal forehead wrinkles that present when you raise your eyebrows

Frown Lines

(10-26 units)

Otherwise known as 11 lines. These are the lines between your brows when you furrow

Crow's Feet

(4-20 units)

The lines that exist on the outer side of the eyes. Noticeable when you squint or smile

Treatment Areas

Bunny Lines

(4-12 units)

The lines you get when you scrunch your nose

Lip Flip/Lines

(4-10 units)

Softens vertical lines around the mouth and accentuates the top lip

Brow Lift

(4-8 units)

Strategically placing Botox, Dysport to lift the outer edges of the brows

Chin Dimples

(4-12 units)

Dimpling and wrinkling of the chin. Noticeable when muscle is contracted


(30-50 units)

Injecting into muscles to relax muscles and relieve migraine tension

Jaw Clenching/ Facial Slimming

(20-50 units)

Targeting the masseter muscles which stops jaw clenching and can slim the face.

Gummy Smile

(4-10 units)

Botox, Dysport is strategically placed to lower top lip, covering gums