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IPL | Photofacial in Ogden, Utah

Restore skins youthful appearance with IPL, Intense Pulse Light

The IPL, commonly known as Photofacial, uses a board spectrum of light that pulses through the skins surface. Using different hand pieces, we are able to change the wavelength, which allows us to optimize the treatment for different skin conditions. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the blood vessels, when treating vascular areas, or melanin, when treating pigmentation.

When the blood absorbs the light, your body’s natural healing response is triggered, breaking down the damaged cells and forming new cells which creates the appearance of youthful, refreshed skin. The process is similar when melanin is absorbed by light. This process causes the breakdown of pigment into smaller particles that rise to the skins surface and flake away as part of your natural healing process.

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