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Chemical Peel at SkinSculpt MedSpa in Ogden, UT


At SkinSculpt Medical Spa and Body Shaping in South Ogden, Utah

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Alexia Florez, RN, known affectionately as Lexi, is a dedicated healthcare professional specializing in aesthetics and nursing. With a deep-seated commitment to restoring her clients' self-assurance through the art of facial harmony, Lexi ensures her clients achieve their desired natural results. Her journey in the medical field began early, graduating from high school ahead of schedule to pursue certifications in Medical Assistance and Phlebotomy at DATC.

Lexi's passion for healthcare led her to pursue further education, earning an AS degree in Washington, DC, followed by a BS degree with a focus on psychology and eating disorders from the University of Utah. It was during this time that she discovered her interest in aesthetics while working at an Ophthalmology Clinic, witnessing the emergence of injectables in the medical sphere.

Joining a new Medspa marked a turning point in Lexi's career, where she spent 15 years honing her skills. Initially serving as the head medical assistant, she seized the opportunity to immerse herself in the world of aesthetics, shadowing the Medical Director and absorbing invaluable knowledge. Recognizing her knack for educating clients, Lexi transitioned into the role of Head Medical Consultant, guiding clients to make informed decisions aligning with their aesthetic goals.

Driven by her passion for continual learning, Lexi embarked on the path of nursing, graduating with honors and becoming a Board-Certified Registered Nurse. Under the mentorship of experienced practitioners, she delved into the art of injection, attending training courses and refining her techniques. Lexi's diverse nursing background encompasses roles in psychology, surgical care, emergency medicine, and medical spas, culminating in her current position at a Dermatology clinic and Medical Spa.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lexi finds joy in her family and hobbies. An avid reader and motorcycle enthusiast, she explores the open road with her husband, cherishing moments spent with her daughters. Whether immersed in medical literature or enjoying quality time with loved ones, Lexi's dedication to her craft and zest for life shine through in all she does.

Alexia Florez


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