Vanquish Fat Reduction in Ogden, Utah

Vanquish is a nonsurgical body contouring procedure that’s FDA-cleared for fat reduction. Using radio frequency (RF) energy to heat the fat layer, Vanquish causes fat cell death. Over the next weeks and months, your body removes the dead cells naturally through the lymphatic system, similar to CoolSculpting. Its hover-above design sets it apart from other body contouring options. It never touches your skin and also allows for treating larger areas in one session.

SkinSculpt Medical Spa + BodyShaping: Vanquish Fat Melting Treatment in Ogden, Utah

Frequently asked questions

Which areas can be treated with Vanquish?

We are able to melt fat on your abdomen using Vanquish.

Is the Vanquish treatment painful?

When the Vanquish treatment begins, skin will become very warm and an occassional burning sensation can be felt. After a few minutes, the feeling will subside and it will feel as though you are using a hot pad. If you have a hot spot, our Body Shaping Specialist will adjust the Vanquish to cool the area.

How many Vanquish treatments do I need?

We reccomend having 4-6 treatments a week a part to achieve optimal results.

How long does a Vanquish treatment take?

A Vanquish treatment will take about an hour.

When will I see results from Vanquish?

Results will be seen gradually over the 8-12 weeks after your final treatment. During this time, your body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells.

Who should not have Vanquish?

You should not have a Vanquish treatment is you have metal implants or implanted devices including mesh in the area being treated.

Are there any side effects after a Vanquish treatment?

The Vanquish treatment creates apoptosis (cell death) which can create Panniculitis (a collection of fat cells that have stuck together) - Identifiable as a small lump under the skin. It is temporary and usually resolves itself over time.

Can I gain weight after having Vanquish?

Yes, Vanquish is not a weight loss treatment. If you do not maintain healthy habits, weight gain will most likely happen evenly throughout your body.

Will my health insurance cover a Vanquish treatment?

Vanquish is a cosmetic treatment, which is not covered by insurance providers and FSA companies.

Which is better, CoolSculpting or Vanquish?

Used seperately, they both serve there purpose. Vanquish is used for debulking larger areas of fat, such as fat on the stomach. CoolSculpting is great for targeting pockets of fat. Used together, they are fire and ice. Vanquish melts away fat and makes stubborn, fibrous tissue more malleable. This maximizes the opportunity for the CoolSculpting applicators to gather as much tissue and unwanted fat as possible and target remaining fat cells by freezing them.

Do I need to do anything before my Vanquish treatment?

Drink plenty of water. Being well hydrated will increase your results and the swift elimination of dead fat cells.

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