Lip Wax in Ogden, Utah

With an upper lip wax, we remove not only the coarse, thick hair, but also the unwanted peach fuzz around the natural lip line. Lip waxing is a quick and easy way to get rid of visible hair around the lips. Ask your Master Aesthetician about Dermaplaning to achieve your smoothest skin yet.  

SkinSculpt Medical Spa: Remove Upper Lip Hair with Lip Waxing in Ogden, Utah

Frequently asked questions

How often should you wax your lip?

Each individual is different, but to keep your upper lip smooth and "mustache" free, we reccomend waxing every 2-6 weeks.

Does lip waxing hurt?

With any type of waxing, there is some pain associated with the process. The amount of pain you have varies based on your skin sensitivity, pain tolerance, how coarse the hair is, how strong your roots are, the area being waxed, and the amount of hair in that area. Some facial areas are more sensitive than others, for instance, your upper lip may be more sensitive than your chin. Lip waxing is a more permanent solution requiring less time, less pain, and more favorable results!

Does lip waxing cause darkening of the skin?

Aggresive hair removal and over-waxing of the upper lip may cause some darkening of the skin in the upper lip area, often referred to as PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). It's a good idea to take a break from waxing fore 2-3 months to allow your skin to lighten up. Darker skin types are more prone to hyperpigmentation from waxing and we reccomend Laser Hair Removal with the proper type of laser for darker skin types. Talk to your aesthetician about what's right for you.

If I wax my lip, will the hair grow back thicker and darker?

No! Having your lip waxed will cause the hair to grow back thinner. When we pull the hair from the root, the function of the pituitary glad is slowed which weakings the hair growth response.

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