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Accufit Muscle Toning in Ogden, UT

This muscle sculpting device delivers controlled energy through the target muscle groups (abdomen, glutes, arms, etc) stimulating muscle engagement with movements such as twist, hold, grip and tap. These muscle movements are commonly used during activities like yoga, weight training, sculpting and muscle massage. 


Strengthen your core, glutes, legs and arms with accuracy and control. Reduce strain and discomfort from daily activities and increase muscle definition the intelligent, joint friendly, low-impact way.

Accufit Muscle Toning on the Belly in Ogden, UT

Ready to Strengthen & Tone Your Muscles?

Fit Woman with Headphones

Who Will Benefit from Accufit Muscle Toning?

  • Those looking to strengthen their core and define their muscles

  • Competitive fitness/beauty events

  • Post-surgical patients with limited mobility

  • Women post c-section

  • Limited access to gym/fitness facilities

  • Post injury

  • Endurance building

  • Reentry to exercise programs

Accufit Muscle Toning Gallery

EmSculpt vs Accufit vs CoolTone
Accufit Muscle Toning and Strengthening in Ogden, UT
CoolTone vs Accufit vs Emsculpt

What Differentiates Accufit from EmSculpt and CoolTone? 

All the muscle stimulation devices build, strengthen, and tone the muscles. Emsculpt and CoolTone working in a similar manner with 2 paddles stimulating superficial muscles. Unlike these other brands, Accufit offers:

  • Superfical and deep muscle stimulation

  • Multidirectional, targeted muscle stimulation with 8 different electrodes (paddles)

  • 4 wave forms including grip, tap, twist, and hold for comprehensive muscle engagement 

  • A 19% increase in muscle layer on average

  • A 29% reduction in fat layer on average 

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